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At PFDI, we specialize in providing Public Safety personnel with the training, knowledge and skills needed to safely execute public safety diving operations.  Successful completion of our programs ensures the divers and PSD teams possesses the training and expertise needed for the proper documentation of a scene and courtroom presentation.  Our diving professionals offer training courses certified by ERDI, SDI, TDI and PADI.

NOTE- THIS IS A PHOTO SHOOT IMAGE.  Individual in photo is a free diver assisting in a public safety dive project.  He is alive and well.

Our courses comply with OSHA AND NFPA standards.

Although the majority of our courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of public safety agencies at the local, state and federal levels, we can also meet the needs of local volunteer teams.

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Proper training and skill development can assist your team in executing their missions more effectively and efficiently leading to more successful resolutions.

With ERDI, there is no yearly re-certification required.  Re-invest that money in your team for equipment and additional training.


Our instructors at PFDI are seasoned and experienced instructors with backgrounds in law enforcement, fire, EMS, and crime scene investigation.  Our instructors are multi-agency certified and possess the real world knowledge and experience that are commonly faced with the unique world of Public Safety.